Warner’s comments were disrespectful, says Marcus Trescothick

Ashes series remains always in the news whether on the field or off the field. Some heated words already are spoken from the Australian side. David Warner recently said in an interview that it’s always a war when playing England.

Former England opener and one of the heroes of 2005 Ashes series Marcus Trescothick labelled David Warner comments as “pathetic.”

Marcus Trescothick also believes comments like that could prove a distraction for Australia.

Ashes series starts from 23rd November in Brisbane and attacking Australian Vice-captain recently called on his teammates to find their inner ‘hatred’ of England during the Ashes. He also called that playing against England is like a war.

“As soon as you step on that line it’s war. I would like to see it like a bit of State of Origin. Let things just flow on and you deal with everything afterwards,” Warner said to Australia Broadcasting Corporation

 But Trescothick believed Warner’s comments were not up to the respect of cricket and find it disrespectful.

“It’s pathetic. To come out with those sort of comments is not needed. There’s always the hype that comes around before the Ashes, so I don’t think it’s something the (English) players will be drawn into.

“I think it will just be a good distraction, hopefully, for Australia and they can get caught up in the war of words,” Trescothick said to BBC. 


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