Spot-Fixing Allegations In Ashes Stunned Cricket Australia

James Sutherland

The allegations of spot-fixing surround the ongoing Ashes series between Australia and England. 

According to a report in the newspaper THE SUN, two men asked the newspaper’s reporters for up to $187k for spot-fixing in the third test between Australia and England like the exact amount of runs scored in an over. Although no individual players on either team were singled out in the report. 

Cricket Australia chief executive, James Sutherland, has denied all the allegations of spot-fixing in the Perth test. He also said that the governing body will co-operate with the ICC anti-corruption unit’s investigation.

“What we heard … is there’s no evidence, substance or justification based on the dossier of information the ICC has received from the news outlet or based on ICC intelligence from previous investigations,” Sutherland said in a statement.

“There’s no substance to these allegations or justification to suspect that this Test match or indeed the Ashes series as a whole is subject to corrupt activities,” he said.


Sutherland also said that Cricket Australia has full confidence in their players.

“They are fully aware and understanding of their obligations under the contract and under the ICC code to make the ICC or Cricket Australia or the ECB aware of any suspicious activity or any approaches that they may have. We have absolute confidence in our players and our team officials and others involved in the game to say there is nothing to suggest based on what we’ve heard from Alex Marshall and other understandings we have or other intelligence we have, to have any suspicions about our players. We have full confidence in them,” Sutherland said.

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