Players Who Likely To Get Red Card After New ICC Rule

With new ICC rules set to take place from 28th September. So it is expected that players who will not behave properly or have some serious misconduct on the field will now be given red card by the on-field umpire.

The red card keeps the player out of the game right then and thus the player will not participate in that game anymore. 

While the new rules are good for the spirit of the cricket but it also a sword for some cricketers around the world. Here are some cricketers who might get the first red card in Cricket.


England fast bowling all-rounder Ben Stokes is a very enthusiastic cricketer. He is a very good batsman and a good bowler. He is very aggressive by nature and there are many instances when he got involved in arguments with many cricketers. He always wants to be on top and that’s why he is a very aggressive player. So he might be the first player in Cricket who get the first red card in this game.


Indian skipper Virat Kohli and aggression are two parts of a coin. Everyone knows the aggressive nature of Virat Kohli in the cricketing world. He is the best batsman in the world right now. He holds the no 1 ranking in ODI and T20I right now. There are many instances where he was involved in the heated argument with other players. Everyone sees his aggressive argument with Mitchell Johnson when India tour Australia last time. So there will be always a risk of getting a red card with these new ICC rules.


Windies cricketers well known for their party love and for some aggressive brand of cricket. They are the only team who won the ICC T20I world cup twice. Kieron Pollard was the member of T20 world cup winning team. He is also playing an aggressive brand of cricket. Pollard is a very aggressive batsman, he was also seen with many heated arguments on the cricket field. The heated argument between Mitchell Starch and Pollard are very well known to cricket lovers when Pollard throws his bat towards Starch.


Australian are known for their cricket aggression all over the world. And David Warner is one such batsman who plays an aggressive cricket. He is also an opening attacking batsman. He was frequently seen in heated arguments many times.

These are the cricketers who might find themselves in some difficulties after the new rules set from 28th September. So cricket becomes excited after these rules and let’s see which player will get the first ever red card in cricket.


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