Harbhajan Singh Joins Shahid Afridi For Charity Event

India Pakistan relations are always on a verge. The passion for cricket in both countries crossed many levels. We had seen many excited cricketing moments between two nations. The enthusiasm of fans in a cricket match between India and Pakistan is way ahead of any celebration. 

There is a kind of rivalry between two nation since their partition in 1947. But cricket is the factor which would bound these two nation together. We may have seen so many instances when cricketers from both the countries show respect for each other.

Who forget the bat exchange moment of Virat Kohli and Pakistan speedster Mohammad Amir in Asia cup. Both Kohli and Amir have mutual respect for each other.

Now Harbhajan Singh and Shahid Afridi come together for a noble cause. Recently former Pakistan captain and most loved cricketer in Pakistan Shahid Afridi tweet a picture along with Harbhajan Singh in an event for a charity.

Both Harbhajan an Afridi respect each other. It was a charity dinner organised by Shahid Afridi Foundation to raise fund for the charity in Bahrain. Harbhajan Singh all admire Shahid Afridi for his noble cause for the society. The dinner was organised on 26th October at Gulf Hotel Convention Centre in Bahrain under the campaign of #HopeNotOut. Both Afridi and Harbhajan was present in the dinner.

Cricket fans from both countries are always excited to watch India and Pakistan on the ground. But because of political tension between two nation, both nation not played against each other. Both India and Pakistan play with each other under the ICC tournaments. Recently Pakistan beat India in the champion trophy final and this was the first champion trophy win for Pakistan.

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