Hafeez Suspended To Bowl In International Cricket

Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez once again suspended from bowling with immediate effect by the ICC.Hafeez action was founded illegal by the ICC independent body on Thursday. Most of the Hafeez deliveries exceeded the 15-degree limit. ICC has allowed 15 degrees limit for the spinners as per Article 11.1.

Hafeez was reported for the suspect action after the third ODI versus Sri Lanka in October. He then undergoes an assessment on November 1 in England.

This is the third time when the off-spinner was suspended from bowling in the international matches.

Mohammad Hafeez was firstly reported in November 2014, he then came to scrutiny when  Pakistan play test series against New Zealand. Then in April 2015, he passed the test and was allowed to bowl in international cricket.

As per ICC rules, if a bowler’s action is found to be exceeding the 15-degree tolerance twice within a period of 24 months, he would be suspended for one year.
Hafeez did not bowl again in international cricket until earlier this year. The offspinner underwent a reassessment of his bowling action at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane and was cleared in November 2016.
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