Gayle Demand $300,000 To Tell All Story About Australian Media Case

Windies star Chris Gayle always remain in news. He is right now the highest run-getter in T20 cricket and is always the hot pick in T20 league cricket.

But recently he was in news all for the wrong reason. Windies massage therapist in 2015 world cup made some serious allegation on Chris Gayle and said that Gayle did some inappropriate things and shows his penis to her in the dressing room.

So there were some trails in Australian Court over Chris Gayle but Gayle won the cash.

Now Gayle is seeking to cash that court case win against Australian media group and promising to tell all story in an interview but he did that only if he got the right price.


 New South Wales Supreme Court jury ruled that defamation case in Gayle favour late last month, finding the articles were motivated by malice.

A hearing on damages will be held at a later date, but Gayle is already offering his story for a starting price of $300,000.

“I have a very interested (sic) successful story to tell!! It can be an exclusive 60mins interview or y’all just have to wait on my next book!” he tweeted to his 3.75 million Twitter followers on Friday.

“It’s about what transpired in court and behind the scenes in Australia, how they went to bigger heads to get me ban…

“How they want to use me as a scapegoat over a interview – I’ll tell you what I do every day after court, believe me, when I break this down to y’all it will be like a movie! No holding back!

“Biding (sic) starts at US$300K for this interview! So much to say & I will!”

Fairfax media has yet to announce whether it will appeal the ruling or not.

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