England are lucky to have Moeen Ali says Nasser Hussain

The former English skipper Nasser Hussain thinks that England is very lucky to have Moeen Ali on their side for his outstanding contributions in all form of the game.

Alongside this Moeen Ali earned notoriety over other players of the team. Nasser Hussain additionally commended Moeen Ali for limiting himself from liquor following the Islamic customs when English players were celebrating with champagne after their triumph over the South Africa.

“With England, Ben Stokes always gets a huge roar because of the way he plays, then Moeen is right up there because of the whole package and what it means to the nation for us to have someone like him. It is a sign, in many ways, of how far we have come,” he wrote in his Daily Mail section.

Moeen contributed gigantically on the fourth Test against South Africa with the ball where England got a 3-1 series win against South Africa. Again he did splendidly on the third Test as he guaranteed a cap trap with the ball encouraging the critical win for England.

Hussain featured that the England board should concentrate more on the British-Asians as they are pleased with their foundations and are doing awesome for the English agree with trustworthiness.

“Why are regardless we not taking advantage of that market and creating more England cricketers from those foundations? I used to see heaps of skilled youthful children, third or fourth-era British Asians, at my father’s cricket school in Wilford when I played and you could see and value their adoration for the diversion,” he said.

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