Chris Gayle In News Again But All For Bad Reasons

Chris Gayle is an excited player. He is a party lover and known for his big six hitting capabilities all over the world. 

And he is in news again but not for his performance on the ground but all for the bad reason off the ground. And this time a female massage therapist, who was working for the West Indies team at the time of 2015 world cup, made allegation on Chris Gayle for improper behaviour.

Leanne Russell is a massage therapist by profession and she was associated with the West Indies team at the time of 2015 world cup. She said she cried uncontrollably after star West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle allegedly exposed himself to her, telling a Sydney court today it left her “very upset”.

The newspapers said the all-rounder exposed himself to masseuse Leanne Russell in a dressing room at the 2015 World Cup in Sydney and “indecently propositioned” her.

She told the NSW Supreme Court she went to the changing room to look for a towel and came across Gayle.

Gayle after seeing Leanne asked her, “What are you looking for?” She replied, “A towel.” Next, Gayle took off the towel wrapped around his waist and asked her, “Are you looking for this?” Leanne was shocked to see the top half of his penis. She shielded her eyes with her hands, said a hasty no, and exited the room.

Russell said she told the West Indies team’s physiotherapist about the incident immediately and was “very upset” and “crying uncontrollably. I was crying like a child”.

On Tuesday, Smith admitted he sent a text to Russell that simply said “sexy” after she massaged him the day before the Gayle incident.

Russell said she was “sick of being treated this way” and had spoken out to get other women to realise “this happens all the time and nobody has the guts to speak out and they should”, according to the Herald.

Although Gayle denied all the allegations and claimed the media group was out to “destroy” him. His teammate Dwayne Smith, who was present at the time, has also denied the incident.

This is not the first time Chris Gayle comes in news for all the wrong reason. In 2016 Big Bash League Gayle attempted to flirt with an Australian presenter on live TV, asking her out for a drink and telling her: “Don’t blush, baby.”

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