15 November: The Day When Two Legends Make Their Debut In The Same Match

Sachin Waqar Debut

15 November 1989 the day when two greats of the cricketing world make their debut in the same test match at Karachi Pakistan. One is one of the greatest batsmen in the world and other is the king of reverse swing- Sachin Tendulkar and Waqar Younis.

A little and shy 16- year-old boy from Mumbai was ready to start his journey against Pakistan lethal bowling attack. Waqar Younis was another man from Pakistan who made their debut in the same match. 

In the first match, Sachin Tendulkar came to the crease when India lose 4 wickets at 41 runs. Tendulkar faced 24 balls in his first match and hits two boundaries and eventually, his inning ends at just 15 runs. Interestingly, he was out by another debutant, the legendary Waqar Younis. Waqar takes 4 wickets in his debut match.

Both Tendulkar and Waqar are the legends. One makes batting records that no one has any while other teach the world how to make the reverse swing with the daring pace.

Tendulkar has 100 century with his name. He played 200 tests. Waqar Younis is still the youngest bowler to have 400 ODI wickets. Younis’ trademark was his ability to reverse swing a cricket ball at high speed.

Both Tendulkar and Younis have done great efforts to make their team win. Both are legends in the game of cricket.
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